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Posted October 14th, 2011 in Posted in News & Announcements

Who says you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? At Fleisher’s we are proving that old adage WRONG!

Fleisher’s own brand of suds, “Salvage Soap” is produced using beef tallow (generally a waste product)—rendered tallow has been traditionally been used in soap making and is still used today in creating commercial soap products.

On average a steer weighs 850lbs—10-15% or 100lbs of that is fat or tallow. Most of this fat is thrown away but we decided to make use of another old adage (we are just full of them), “waste not, want not” and thus, Salvage Soaps was born.

Our soapmaker uses this centuries old process, adds vegetable oils and luscious essential oils to the rendered tallow and even goes so far as to enhance some of the soaps with organic coffee grounds, bay leaves, lavender and poppy seeds.

This month we are featuring Urban Bright (“soapiate for the masses”) a lush, absinthe-scented bar and Calmpost, a country cousin to the more citified Urban Bright, scented with vetiver, orange and cedar.

Salvage Soaps—making the most from what we’ve got . . .

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