You’re invited to a FREE turkey masterclass at Fleishers Silo (194 5th Ave, at Union) on Sat, Nov. 16th at 6 pm! We are thrilled to host Paul Kelly of Kelly Bronze turkeys, who will be sharing his carving tips, cooking techniques, and the secrets to having the best turkey for your Thanksgiving feast. You might even get a taste of hot turkey at the end!


If you aren’t familiar with the Kelly Bronze turkey, it is known as the Rolls Royce of turkeys for good reason. We have carried them for several years now, and we can emphatically tell you that they are phenomenal. Here’s why:

  • Rare Black-Feathered Heritage Breed: rescued by the Kelly family in the 80s, when they traveled the UK buying up the last remaining flocks of purebred turkeys. At this time, the industry was shifting towards white-feathered breeds that were faster growing, but at the expense of flavor.
  • Non-GMO Feed: birds forage for grubs, berries and nettles, as they roam pasture in Crozet, VA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Hand-Plucked and Dry Aged: the longer hang time allows for dry aging to develop incredible flavor and tender meat
  • Fast Cooking Time: Ready in just two hours (!), due to lots of intramuscular fat that’s not present in conventional birds. Only needs to be cooked to 145 F because the artisanal handling process ensures food safety.

This event is free to attend, but please give us a head’s up and RSVP below.


Order a Kelly Bronze for Thanksgiving

We sell out of Kelly Bronze turkeys every year, so if you’d like to try one for yourself, please place an order today!


Kelly Bronze Turkey Masterclass