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Our classes were postponed due to the mandatory statewide New York and Connecticut closures caused by COVID-19. We will begin to open our professional 301 butchery education courses to individuals over the coming months, followed by small, public group 101 and 201 classes. To ensure the safety of our students and instructors, we will be limiting class size in alignment with state regulations.

Thank you for your understanding. We can’t wait to get back in the classroom with you!

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The Silo is the education and event hub for Fleishers Craft Butchery. We offer interactive butchery classes (both public and private), ranging from whole animal breakdown demonstrations and sausage making workshops to hands-on cutting and advanced techniques for professionals. Fleishers Silo events educate and inspire as our team shares their craft and passion to create a unique experience for any occasion.

Our classes and events are for food lovers who are eager to connect with how meat gets from pasture to plate. We go to great lengths to pull back the curtain and offer an unparalleled, hands-on learning and culinary experience that no other meat company has ever done before. Participants in our classes and events leave with valuable knowledge, a sense of accomplishment, and a full belly—as eating is always part of learning.

Public Classes

Our public classes are composed of 101 and 201 levels which are suitable for people just getting into the art of butchery and those with more experience looking to increase their skills. Broken down into two types of classes, demonstration and hands-on, our classes explore proper butchery techniques as well as explore side-by-side taste comparisons of cuts so you will leave with a vast knowledge you can start to apply at home immediately.

In our nose-to-tail demos, you get to sit back and enjoy some refreshments while our skilled butchers show you the beauty and expertise involved in the art of whole animal butchery. We’ll cover everything there is to know about raising, cutting, preparing quality meat, and taste comparing cuts. If you want to learn a great deal but aren’t interested in getting meaty or are looking to increase your understanding of whole animal butchery, these are the perfect classes for you. Not only will you gain tremendous knowledge, but you will also take home a cut of meat to cook and enjoy.

Looking for a more active experience to uncover your inner butcher? Our hands-on classes allow you to try your hand at sausage making, chicken yakitori, butchery for different cooking methods such as leg of lamb, pork Boston butt, and beef chuck eye, basic cutting techniques, and more. You will leave not only with a wealth of knowledge, but your very own cuts and products to take home and enjoy.

The public classes also extend to our other shop locations.

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Private events

If you know some curious learners who’d like to connect with their food in a fun, approachable environment, we can provide a unique setting and customized programming for your next team-building exercise, corporate outing, or private event. Whether you want a hands-on workshop or butchery demonstrations, we’re happy to tailor the focus of your event for an unforgettable experience.

Please send an inquiry to with your details to get started planning your one-of-a-kind event.

Butchery Education

Situated at the 301 level, our Butchery Education classes are an intensive series that will take students through either a full side of beef, pork, or lamb. During class, students cover basic and advanced techniques required to butcher each animal respectively, learning how to break down the carcass into primals, and then clean and portion the sections. You’ll see how the muscles fit together, and the different choices that must be made when butchering a large animal into manageable cuts. Additionally, students learn cooking methods and preparations for each cut, and do some cooking and tasting so you can compare the different cuts.

Our Butchery Education classes are geared for those with a more advanced level of butchery knowledge—whether you’re a professional butcher, aspiring butcher, culinary professional, agriculturalist, and even the serious hobbyist—and requires some butchery experience prior.

Learn more about our Butchery Education program here.

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Internal Education

At Fleishers, education is our mission—and that extends to our staff as well. The Silo serves as a space where we can continuously teach our staff, no matter what their role, about how our animals are raised, why that is important to our end products, nose-to-tail butchery best practices, and what methods are best for what cuts. Whether you’re getting cooking tips from our meat mongers over the counter or asking our butchers for recommendations on cuts of meat to serve your family, our goal is to have our employees knowledgeable in the feed to fork process to provide you the best service.

Are you interested in being a part of our team? Visit our Careers page to see what openings we have.

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Coming Soon: Kids Classes & Programs

We are currently working on classes and programs geared toward kids and teens. Over the years, we have noticed that many kids in our neighborhood, who have either been in the shops with their parents or just walking by, have shown a deep interest in learning more about where their food comes from. It’s because of this excitement that we have decided to pursue creating a curriculum that will give kids the opportunity to learn more about where their food comes from and how it gets on their plate to demystify the food system and plant the seeds of sustainable living.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience. Class was fun, engaging, and very informative. Butchers were very knowledgeable and great to work with. Not to mention the finished product was delicious. 11/10 would stuff meat into intestines again. Billy Cunningham
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