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Beef 101: Steer Tour [Tasting]

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New for 2020, our flagship beef workshop is in our new butchery class space for an even richer experience.

Have you ever seen a side of beef taken apart and broken down? Perhaps you've seen our "How to Butcher an Entire Cow" video and your curiosity is piqued? Join our expert butchers on a journey exploring all the cuts, cooking methods and classic misconceptions about the most popular red meat in the USA. We'll put whole primals of beef on the table, as we simultaneously butcher and discuss every steak, chop and roast, where it comes from on the animal and how to properly prepare it. You'll learn about our philosophy as a whole animal butchery, and discover cuts you've never heard before.

Each workshop will go in-depth on a different section of the steer:

  • Forequarter: the chuck and rib primals, home to short ribs, rib-eye steaks, and brisket, along with many other cuts
  • Hindquarter: the loin and round primals, where you can find tenderloin, London broil, top sirloin, and so much more

We'll also discuss the complexities of sourcing well-raised meat in today's food system. You'll get to know our farm partners in upstate NY, where our cows have year-round access to pasture, and are antibiotic and hormone-free. You'll learn what it means to have grass-fed beef, and how it impacts the flavor and nutrition. You can see the difference between conventional beef and our beef, which is distinguished by bright red, well-marbled meat.

This class will include a sampling of beef. The cuts presented may vary, but will include meats from different primals, so that you will experience a diversity of cuts and preparations.

For instance, you might experience the rich flavor of the chuck center, then the robust beefiness of the sierra, and end with the magnificent bavette, with its unique grain structure.

You'll also receive a beautiful beef cut to take home to cook and taste.

This is a unique, interactive experience for a fun night with friends, dates, and more!

Since butchering a steer is a complex and skill intensive process, this class does not involve hands-on cutting, and is demo-only. If you are interested in a hands-on workshop, please check out our Sausage 101Beef 201: Top RoundPoultry 201: Chicken Ballotine, and Pork 201: Pig's Head courses.

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