The art of butchery has been lost.

Join us in bringing it back.

Through our whole animal approach the Fleishers School offers educational opportunities for professional chefs, aspiring butchers and passionate foodies. Our emphasis on sustainable, humanely-raised meats draws hungry cutters from all over the world, whether for our 3 month training program or a 3 hour class. We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive and hands-on learning environment a working butcher shop can because of our commitment to education. Join us for a class or read more about our training program by clicking below.

Private Workshops.

For team buildings, company outings, or bachelor(ette) parties, contact Available for groups of 10 or more, a Fleishers expert butcher, chef or meat monger will host you for a fully customizable workshop. From hands on cutting to simple demonstrations, Fleishers classes always end with food and beverages, as the meat gods intended. Participants leave with valuable knowledge, practical skills and a sense of accomplishment! Bring your friends, office or potential clients for a memorable experience in either Brooklyn or Connecticut.