From Our Director of Butchery Eduction


Welcome and thank you for your interest in Fleishers Butchery and Education Program. For over a decade, Fleishers has trained the next generation of nose-to- tail butchers who have gone on to open shops and restaurants all over the country and the world. While mastering the art of butchery can take a lifetime, our students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to immediately succeed in the meat industry.


Whether you’re planning to commit to our 12-week, fully immersive program, or interested in one of our many 3-hour workshops, you’ll be a part of the most comprehensive, hands-on, learning environment in butchery. Our students include aspiring butchers, professional chefs, and those passionate about healthy food systems, dedicated to humanely raised and slaughtered meat.


Our short-form workshops are an excellent introduction into the world of the craft butcher that offer a range of once-in- a-lifetime experiences. Hands on, participatory, and limited in size, these workshops are the gateway into butcher’s world.


During the 12-week program, you will be guided by our expert instructors through the entire process of bringing sustainably, humanely raised meats to our tables. From farming practices, slaughter procedures, to what winds up in our retail cases and in the kitchens of our wholesale customers, you’ll not only learn how to butcher, you’ll learn why our craft is an integral part of our food system.


Come, start your education, and be a part of meat raised right.

Bryan Mayer,

Director of Butchery Education



How To Apply

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  2. Please fill in the form below with some basic info about yourself. We’ll get back to you as promptly as possible.



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