Pork 201: Ham Primal

So, you’ve already tried your hand at making sausage, and want to continue honing your butchery skills? Join us for a next-level workshop, where you’ll butcher the ham primal! The ham is a well-known centerpiece for holiday dinners, but also commonly loved as a sandwich staple. From a butchery standpoint, the ham is a perfect introduction because you’ll use a variety of fundamental skills to break it down into its many configurations, such as bone-in or bone-out, or skin-on or skin-off.

In this class, you’ll start with a large piece of meat, and learn how to transform it into table-ready cuts. You’ll learn to break the ham at the right joints, removing the oyster steak and aitchbone. Then you’ll learn to skin the ham, seam off the top round, and debone the femur. Finally, you’ll slice and pound your own cutlets. This is real hands-on butchery, and you’ll walk away with new skills and a familiarity with practical butchering techniques. 

We’ll also discuss the complexities of sourcing well-raised meat in today’s food system. You’ll get to know our farm partners, where our pigs have year-round access to pasture, are antibiotic-free and are raised on non-GMO feed. You can see the difference in our pork, which is distinguished by bright red, well-marbled meat, and a generous, creamy fat cover. Best of all, you’ll take home some of your work, so you can cook this amazing pork for a delicious meal!

This is a hands-on workshop with a heavy butchery component, suitable for students who have intermediate culinary skills.

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