Beef 201: Chuck Roll

Have you ever dreamed of breaking down a massive side of beef into its constituent steaks and roasts?  With this next-level, hands-on butchery class, you’ll be a bit closer to achieving that dream! Join us to learn about the chuck roll beef subprimal, where you’ll walk away with new skills and practical butchering techniques.

You may recognize the phrase “beef chuck” from the fattier ground beef at the supermarket, or from your last cold-weather pot roast. This cut comes from the upper shoulder of the steer and has gone through a renaissance in the last decade, as butchers have discovered new techniques to transform it into incredible steaks, with bold flavor and succulent texture.

In this class, you will start by deboning the chuck roll, followed by removing the trim for your beef bones. Next, you’ll clean your boneless chuck roll, removing the nuchae tendon, outer lifter meat, button bones, and inedibles. Finally, you’ll separate the chuck eye, and portion off the Denver steak and the sierra steak.

We’ll also discuss the complexities of sourcing well-raised meat in today’s food system. You’ll get to know our farm partners, where our cows have year-round access to pasture and are antibiotic and hormone-free. You’ll learn what it means to have grass-fed beef, and how it impacts flavor and nutrition. You can see the difference between conventional beef and our beef, which is distinguished by bright red, well-marbled meat. Best of all, you’ll take home some of your work, so you can cook this amazing beef for a delicious meal!

This is a hands-on workshop with a heavy butchery component, suitable for students who have intermediate culinary skills.

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