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A Butchery Education Like No Other

For over a decade, Fleishers has educated the next generation of nose-to-tail butchers, chefs, and farmers who have gone on to better their business as well as open shops and restaurants all over the country and the world.

For our professional 301 intensive pork, beef, and lamb butchery courses, students learn how to break down carcasses into primals and subprimals to explore the wide variety of cuts available while also diving into cooking methods, flavors, and textures of the cuts.

Our 301 curriculum covers the fabrication techniques of case cutting for retail, production of added-value products, restaurant wholesale, cutting for personal use, and the creative utilization of the whole animal through inventive recipes and old school practices, as well as delving into the practice and philosophy behind feed to fork butchery.

What to expect

In a time of increasing disconnection from our food systems, we are excited to share the craft of whole animal butchery with our students to reconnect people to farms and food. In our long history of teaching, we’ve explored a variety of formats and areas of focus to provide the most well-rounded curriculum for our students.

In our current 301 series, each course begins with a demonstration of butchery techniques so students can first become comfortable with the methods used. With coaching from our talented instructors, students then move into replicating and practicing the techniques learned on their own carcasses to see how the muscles fit together and the different choices that must be made when butchering a large animal into manageable cuts.

Through this practical, hands-on experience, students gain a strong grounding in the principles and techniques that they can apply to future endeavors. Throughout each course, we leave ample time for questions and exploration of the nuances of a given technique or fabrication method. We also review culinary methods and preparations for each cut and do some cooking and tasting of our own to compare and provide a full scope of the animal. Laying the foundation for continued growth through this hands-on method of teaching, students can expect to become confident in fundamental and advanced butchery techniques. Our teaching methodology means that learning doesn’t stop once class is over. We at Fleishers’ are pleased to remain a resource to our students well beyond the end of class. It brings us great joy to cultivate relationships with our students and watch them flourish in their chosen career paths.


Our instructors have many years of experience teaching butchery to a diverse range of students and are dedicated to the high-quality and transparency of whole animal butchery.

Above that, they have a true love of their craft which is evident in each and every class they teach.

A Few Details

These advanced programs are designed for culinary professionals, agriculturalists, aspiring butchers, and individuals interested in the serious study of the art of craft butchery and carcass utilization.

Students must be over 18 years of age, able to lift over 50 pounds with ease, and have a core competency of basic knife skills to participate.

Please direct any questions to classes@fleishers.com. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Can’t make one of the classes we have scheduled or are looking to dive into a specific area of focus? Reach out to us at classes@fleishers.com to set up a private class.

Our Butcher alumni from around the world

We believe educating tomorrow’s butchers is the key to strengthening and growing the sustainable meat movement. Below are just a handful of butcher shops, restaurants and meat companies we’ve had the pleasure to train, befriend, and see succeed.

To see these companies in list form, please click here.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience. Class was fun, engaging, and very informative. Butchers were very knowledgeable and great to work with. Not to mention the finished product was delicious.

Billy Cunningham

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