A Better Butcher. A Better Way.

Meat that's good for our bodies and our planet.

Our Story

From our very beginning in 2004, we have been committed to showing that sustainably raised, pasture-fed meats were better. Better for your health. Better for the planet. And remarkably better tasting. 

Today we’re more passionate than ever about educating and inspiring our communities to experience the joy of delicious, premium quality meat that is good for our bodies and our planet. 

As a high-quality butchery, we are committed to ensuring sustainably raised meats are accessible to our communities. And we are honored to celebrate the farmers and purveyors committed to raising superior pasture-fed animals transparently and joyfully. 

Our Vision

We believe in doing it differently. Our vision is to serve our communities the highest quality meats, partnering with ethical purveyors and training our butchers to master levels. We will continue to source with care, work to reduce waste, and honor the animal from birth to harvest. 

As a leader dedicated to developing better quality standards for better eating, and healthier, happier living, we hold ourselves – and our partners – to the highest standards. We will never stop doing all that we canto make delicious, high-quality meats accessible to people who care deeply about what they put in their bodies and the impact it has on the planet. 

We are proud to share our passion and expertise with you. Come visit us soon.

Our Approach


Quality of life for the animal equates to quality of meat for your table.

Our partner farms ensure every animal is given the most natural environment for a healthy life, with an emphasis on pasture grazing.


Fleishers means butchers, and expert butchering makes a difference.

We pride ourselves on having created the standard for mastery in meat cutting. We train all our butchers at the very highest level, emphasizing selection of cuts for quality, sustainability, and use of the whole animal.


The reason for our great meats, is to create real connections.

Forming meaningful relationships with everyone from our farmers to our customers is how we create a pathway that better connects people with the food they eat. This is only possible through a willingness to understand our customer needs, an eagerness to educate on our approach, and a dedication to exceed all expectations with every order.