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Common Questions About Fleisher's
New York City Delivery

Will my order total be the exact same price every time?
When filling your order we will do our best to get as close to your desired weights as possible but because we are a custom cut butcher shop you should expect that there will be up to a 1/4 pound variance on every item. This is important because the price of each item is based on it's weight so the total of orders will vary slightly if you are calculating your total on exact pound weights.

Do I have to be home or can you leave it with someone else?
Your order is generally delivered in the early to mid afternoon hours, depending on location, and we understand that many of our customers have to work or are often out of the house during this time. If the order needs to be left with a doormen, supers, neighbors or friends then please let us know when you order and please indicate how our driver should deliver your package and provide any information like phone numbers, buzzer numbers, gate codes, etc.. In the event that our driver cannot reach you or the intended recipient your order will be frozen and sent the following week.

What time of day will the order be delivered?
We can provide you with a two-hour estimated delivery window if you call the shop on your delivery day. As you can image our route and timing is affected by the number of drop offs, their locations, and of course, the dynamic nature of New York City traffic. To this end during major holidays we may switch the delivery day to try to avoid major gridlock and delays.

If you're not sure what you want to order you can find a list of our products, prices and recipes here. With whole animals, we’re able to provide a list of cuts you may not find anywhere else, but it also means that our quantities are limited. It’s best to place orders on Thursday or Friday to ensure you get your first choices.

I can't make the minimum order amount or don’t want to spend $100 - What can I do?
We’re happy to split orders among friends and co-workers, so long as there is a single delivery drop. Our meats also come vacuum packed to ensure freshness in the fridge for up to two weeks and in the freezer for up to a year. We’ll package your meats according to your specifications, making advance meal planning easy.

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Fleisher's New York City
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