Meet Fleishers Mills, the Superpower Behind Our Non-GMO Animal Feeds

Meet Fleishers Mills, a new very old addition to the Fleishers family! The mill is in Smyrna, NY, was built in 1850, and has been in operation since 1860. That’s over 150 years of continuous operation, no easy feat! We’re proud to be certified by Project Non-GMO, and we offer options for all livestock needs, from chickens and turkeys, to hogs and heifers. Our feeds have been formulated with input from veterinarians, with special attention to the right levels of protein, fat, and nutrients for the animal’s stage of life. Many of these feeds will go towards animals raised under our supervision, meat that will then come to our shops. Because of this mill, all of our pork is now certified non-GMO, and our beef is also heading in that direction. This means we’re building infrastructure for other farms to become non-GMO as well.


Above, you can see our newly rebuilt grinder, getting primed and shined. It has 400 horsepower and will grind 15 tons per hour!

Here’s what the mill looked like circa 1890. We’re thrilled to continue the legacy of a century-old business, and to sustain the jobs that the mill provides. Even better, we’re excited to bring you meat with more transparent sourcing, as we take charge of our food supply chain from feed to fork.