Fleishers produces the best beef, pork, lamb and poultry in the world by partnering with small, local farmers who understand that caring for our animals means caring for the land.

The quality of meat is tied directly to what the animals eat, and our farms grow a diverse range of grasses and legumes to ensure that they have the nutrients they need. The animals are always free to roam on pasture, the way nature intended, and they are never treated with hormones or growth-promoting antibiotics. Quality like this requires stress-free lives and natural diets. Our animals are happy and healthy, and the process can’t be rushed.


The result is the most flavorful meat in the world, cut by our expert butchers, and celebrated by our talented chefs.


Please note that because of our nose-to-tail approach to using the whole animal (and thus minimize waste), we do not carry all cuts of meats at all times, but we will ALWAYS have something that suits your occasion. For a preview of some of the cuts we carry, take a look at our Butchery Menu.


We also offer the convenience of online ordering and same-day delivery service for our most popular cuts.





Sausages & Grinds

Stocks, Bones & Offal

If you’d like to make sure we have the cut you want, please call your local shop, or contact us to pre-order for your special meal.