Meet our pasture-raised pig farmer, Mark Justh. Since 2013, JD Farms supplies us with the beautiful pork you see in our cases today, in addition to some pasture-raised beef. As one of the state’s largest organic hay producers, JD is an idyllic setting where pigs roam in wooded lots and grassy paddocks, eating wild apples and foraging for tubers. Mark has developed a truly healthy and diverse agricultural landscape through the rotational grazing of cows and pigs, as well as soil-building through the careful cultivation of selected grasses and forage crops. As of 2016, JD Farms became the first farm in over 80 years to legally grow certified organic industrial hemp, a superfood and versatile material for buildings, clothes, and plastics. In 2017, we’re excited to be among the first retailers of Sfoglini Hemp Radiator pasta, hemp oil, and baby hemp greens, proudly grown by JD Farms.

JD Farms

4337 Lebanon Rd
Eaton, NY 13334