Gaia’s Breath Farm is an organic farm in Jordanville, NY, between the Catskill and Adirondack mountains at the top of a foothill. In a refreshing distinction from most other producers, farmer Mark Santoro brings humane treatment and old world husbandry practices to raising veal. Veal calves are born and fed a 100% organic diet of fresh, raw Mother’s Milk (approximately 4,000 lbs consumed per calf), supplemented by a bit of pasture and hay. The calves drink real colostrum from the very beginning of their lives, assuring a healthy immune system. These calves have also never been caged, and have had free access to pasture their entire lives. And unlike other veal farms, these calves are never fed milk replacer or growth enhancers. The result is healthful, flavorful meat that you can feel good about and reflects the terroir of the land.

Gaia’s Breath Farm

219 Forrest Road
Jordanville, NY 13361