Ali and Rich of Chaljeri Meats are the newest farmers in the Fleishers family. After buying a home in Callicoon, NY in 2005 they started with a small vegetable garden, which led to bee keeping and to a large greenhouse and small orchard, and finally landed them in the grass-fed beef business. Their desire to know where and how their food is produced has been an underlying and driving theme. Ali is from Indiana and Rich is from Chicago and San Diego. They have day jobs in the city — Ali is on the board of Crossfit Solace and Rich is the CEO of a financial services firm — and are also new parents. With the installation of a new solar array in Callicoon, the entire Chaljeri Meats enterprise will soon be grid-neutral. Ali and Rich are both excited to grow their grass-fed beef operation and deliver locally raised, healthy meat to the community.

Chaljeri Farm

123 Main St
Fremont, New York 12736