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Should I Order In Advance?
The short answer is – YES! In fact, we recommend it. Ordering in advance ensures that:
  • We set aside the exact cut of meat you need for that new recipe or special occasion.
  • Meat is cut to order and to your specifications.
  • You receive the extra attention that you deserve!

And, contacting us before you visit the shop allows us the opportunity to suggest alternate cuts of meat that may work even better for you.

Pre-order by calling 845-338-6666 or send us an email!

The Long Answer…

Part of our philosophy is to use the whole animal, a nose-to-tail approach that creates little to no waste. Not only do we have roasts, chops and steaks, we offer
a fabulous selection of stocks, cooked on-site from leftovers and bones.
We make dog food made from less desirable cuts of meat mixed with ground bone. Often we craft soap and candles from remaining tallow. Our plan is to use as much of each animal as possible. Did we mention we hate waste?

Based on this methodology we receive a limited number of sides of beef and whole pigs and lambs each week. On occasion, we may not have exactly what you came into the shop for, but we promise you will leave with something equally delicious. Who knows? You might even discover something new!
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Fleisher's New York City
Delivery is HERE!

We now offer delivery to homes and offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan every Thursday. Click here to get all the details and have Fleisher's meats delivered to you next week!
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