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How Are The Animals Treated?
Pasture-raised animals are treated better than feedlot-raised animals. Period. 

At Fleisher’s the ethical treatment of animals is one of our basic tenets. We promote respect between our consumers, farmers and animals. We insist that special attention and consideration is paid to the handling, transport and processing of all of our animals.

All of the farms and slaughterhouses must meet the following standards:
  • All farms are multigenerational with a long history of ethical practices.
  • Farmers are proponents of proper animal husbandry for all animal reproduction.
  • Animals always have access to grass and open pastures and are not kept in pens.
  • Animals are rotated through pastures to ensure they have exercise and fresh grass to eat.
  • Animals are not given antibiotics or hormones.
  • Animals live in closed herds.
  • All feed and grains must come from local mills and farms.  Store bought grain is never acceptable.
  • Animals travel less than an hour to the slaughterhouse.
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