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Is It Affordable?
In general, pastured meats cost 15% more than factory farm meats available at a supermarket chain store.

Here’s why:
  • Additional land is required to cultivate grass-fed beef.
  • The quality and maintenance of that land has to be very high.
  • Grass-fed cattle require more time to grow large enough to go to market (average 7 months longer); grain-fed cattle fatten up quickly!
  • More staff is required to assure cattle receive optimal care, low stress and excellent nutrition throughout their life.
  • Economics favor a large corporate farm over an individual grass-based farm.
And, at Fleisher’s our butchering process employs dry aging techniques to improve flavor.  This takes time! But, we prefer the taste of our meat to the mass-produced, factory-farmed stuff.

We think you’ll agree. We feel that 15% more is a small price to pay to support local farmers, to have access to the health benefits associated with pastured meats and to experience the superior taste of Fleisher’s meats.
4 meals a week for 6 weeks for under $50
To help you out we have come up with half a dozen menu ideas all for under $50 a week. These six menus are designed for a family of four, four days a week. For only a little over $2 a day per person you can create incredibly varied meals—from cold weather classics to grill-ready favorites.

Click on any of the menu options we have listed below to see recipes we love for each option. Come on in so that our staff can help you plan delicious, inexpensive dinners that you and your family will enjoy.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Meal 1: Ground Beef for Meatloaf or burgers ($12) Whole Chicken
Hot Dogs (1 pack will feed four twice) ($11-14)
Meal 2: 1 Whole Chicken
1-1/2lb Pork for Stew ($10) Ground Beef for
Meal 3: Sausages ($9-10) Brisket ($14) Boneless Chicken Thighs ($8)
Meal 4: Chicken Soup Lamb Shoulder ($10) Sausage ($9-10)
  Total: $36.00 Total: $48.00 Total: $44.00
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Meal 1: 1-1/2lb Pork cutlets
Boneless Chuck Eye Roast ($13-14) Ground Beef ($12)
Meal 2: Boneless Chicken
1-1/2# Chicken Steaks
Stirfry Beef/Pork
Meal 3: Eye Round Roast ($15) Lamb Stew ($10) Bone-in Chicken Breasts/Legs ($12)
Meal 4: Sausages ($10) 1-1/2lb Pork Stew
Sausage ($9-10)
  Total: $47.00 Total: $45.00 Total: $48.00
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