Green Circle Farm

Through our trusted partnership with D’Artagnan, we proudly source Green Circle™ chickens and turkeys, which are raised by Amish and Mennonite family farms in PA. These birds are:

Certified humane by Humane Animal Farm Care
Enjoy more than twice the barn space required to be considered free-range, with access to the outdoors and natural light, and the ability to forage naturally
Chickens are raised to 8 weeks of age (as opposed to 5-6 weeks for most commercially-raised chickens)
Fed wholesome grains and surplus vegetable trimmings from restaurants and markets. Turkeys are wholly vegetable-fed for the last 4 weeks of growth.
Never given antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products
Air-chilled for no retained water & maximum flavor

From start to finish, the result is a supremely tasty bird. It’s no surprise then that in a blind tasting of three chickens, the NY Times wrote, “The winner: Green Circle, which all agreed was the most flavorful and had the best texture. The flesh was tender and tasted of herbs; even the white meat was soft and delicate, while the dark meat was silky. The fat was yellow rather than white.”

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