All of our products, due to many factors including seasonality and supply, are subject to availability.

Fleisher’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats beef comes from steer raised on the open pastures of small-family owned farms in New York. These animals are fed a strictly vegetarian diet and have never been given antibiotics or growth hormones. To better serve our customers needs we sell both 100% grass-fed beef when in season and grass-fed, grain-finished beef throughout the year.

Our grass-fed, grain-finished beef is abundantly marbled ensuring a tender texture and a deep, rich flavor while our 100% grass-fed beef is lower in fat with a big, beefy flavor and herbaceous undertones.

In season we also carry fully-pastured, humanely-raised veal which is also referred to as rose veal.

Fleisher’s Meats carries a variety of pork but specializes in heritage Berkshire pork. Berkshire pork is also known as Kurobuta and is as highly prized in Japan as Kobe beef. Fleisher’s Kurobuta pork is raised by Sir William Angus Farm in Craryville, NY, a family farm using all-natural production methods.

Unlike commercial pork which is white and extremely lean and often flavorless, Berkshire pork is dark, meaty and richly marbled with a distinctive lush, juicy taste. Our incredible home-made—bacon and ham—are made with this pork and almost nothing else (no nitrates or nitrites!) and that pure pork flavor really shines through.

We also create many types of sausages using our Berkshire pork. All sausages are made by hand using 100% organic spices and no preservatives, fillers, nitrates or nitrites. We generally carry Breakfast, Sweet and Hot Italian, Irish Bangers, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Chorizo, Hot Dogs and Andouille.

To insure that we have lamb available throughout the year we carry pasture-raised, grain-finished lamb. Our lamb is locally raised on a strictly vegetable diet. We also make lamb merguez, a traditional Middle Eastern highly-spiced lamb sausage and a delicious lamb-version of Sweet Italian sausage.

Fleisher’s fresh poultry is free-range and 100% organic and comes to us from Pristine Cuisine a company based out of Ohio. We create chicken sausages; made by hand the same way our pork sausages are which range in flavor from our ‘Rockin Moroccan’—a Middle Eastern type to an Apple & Chardonnay sausage, a delicately seasoned sausage with an apple-sweet finish. Look for more varieties in the future! We also carry local, pastured eggs from a number of farms throughout the Hudson Valley.

Fleisher’s Meats is committed to carrying as many local artisanal cheeses as we can find. Most of our cheeses come from Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and (of course) New York. We look for happy cows, sheep or goats that graze on grass and produce some astonishingly good milk. Our producers lovingly craft their cheese and never give their animals antibiotics or hormones.




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