Maverick Butchers
Food & Wine Magazine (November 2008)
Fleisher’s Josh Applestone is an unlikely butcher: He was a vegan for 17 years. His wife, Jessica, only ate meat from pastured animals, preferably from local farms. Now the duo have two shops, and 100 percent of their meat comes from within 20 miles. Because the meat is so flavorful, it needs little embellishment: A roast beef gets a simple but punchy horseradish crust. Josh is now a full-on carnivore—bacon is what first got him. Jessica says, “We even sell T-shirts that say Bacon—The Gateway Meat.” More

Take Half a Ton of Beef...
New York Times (September 20, 2008)
For years, Diner has tried to get grass-fed meat with sufficient regularity to keep customers in burgers seven days a week. Their needs were met for a while by Josh Applestone, a butcher who supplied top-notch ground beef. But last year, Mr. Applestone, who, with his wife, Jessica, runs Fleisher’s Meats, retail shops in Kingston and Rhinebeck, decided to rejigger his business model so that his wholesale customers would have to buy whole or half animals. More

Saveur Magazine's Top 100 for 2008
Saveur Magazine (Jan/Feb 2008)
The annual award honors "favorite restaurants, food, drink, people, places and things. The magazine which is known for eschewing trendy restaurants and celebrity chefs in favor of authentic food experiences has praised Joshua and Jessica Applestone, owners of Fleisher's Meats for leading the pack of young butchers bring ing new blood to an old school tradition... More

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie
Bovine Rhapsody
Join us as we visit the rugged region of Southwest Tuscany, where semi-wild Maremmane cattle inspire a local specialty called bollito. Next, we’ll travel to Morocco to experience freshly made Beldi butter, and we’ll also try chocolate milk from the American heartland. From Italy to Upstate New York, we’ll show you how cows influence cuisines around the world... . More

Get Mario Batali’s Meat Delivered to Your Door
New York Magazine (October 2008)
Fleisher’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats, Kingston-based supplier to the likes of Casa Mono, Diner, Freemans, and Savoy, is coming to your home in November. Starting then, Fleisher’s will offer home delivery of custom cuts to the Upper West Side, Lower Manhattan, and then Brooklyn. More

How YouTube (Almost) Made Me a Cooking-Show Star | Food & Wine
Food & Wine Magazine (March 2007)
Meat has long been my passion, and butchery is a skill I'm obsessed with—so obsessed that I'm writing a book about my attempt to learn it. For research purposes, I've been apprenticing at.. . More

Best of Beef | Food & Wine
Food & Wine Magazine (January 2007)
From lean grass-fed meat to ultrarich wagyu, beef has become a food obsession. Here, eight top chefs share their best recipes for their favorite cuts, and F&W gives a lesson on how to decipher the lingo... . More

Garden of Eating
Arrive Magazine (September, 2008)
Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats, a modern country butcher shop with outposts in Rhinebeck and Kingston, is like a microcosm of the Hudson Valley itself. Since it opened four years ago it has exploded in popularity because of its great-tasting, local food... More

On the Trail, at Last, to the Big City
New York Times (July 26, 2006)
It was that “so close yet so far” quandary that drove Mr. Applestone, a chef who was at the time a vegan, and his wife, Jessica, an author, to a career in cutting meat. Ms. Applestone had decided to indulge in the occasional rib-eye from farms she had visited and trusted, but couldn’t find anyone who would sell her a single fresh steak.... More

Airtran Airlines Magazine (March, 2007)
The meat from a grass-fed steer is more muscular, and lower in fat and cholesterol than corn-fed cattle, as anyone would be if they ate only green leafy vegetables... More

They Feel Good About Their Necks
New Yorker Magazine(February 2007)
But it’s not just chefs who recognize the cut’s potential. “Lamb neck is fantastic,” says Jessica Applestone, co-owner of Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats in Kingston, New York. “It has an incredible... More

The Butcher's Conscience
Chromogram (November 2005)
From behind a glass case displaying freshly cut meats, Joshua Applestone is explaining how he gave up his vegan diet and became a butcher. Contrary to my own recent experiment with the 100 percent animal-product-free lifestyle—which I gave up after five minutes due to an uncontrollable urge for cheese—Joshua was vegan for 17 years... . More

The Carnivore's Solution
About Town (Fall 2007)
If you're going to eat beef, grass-fed is the ideal: it has very little saturated fat (much less than grain-fed) a healthy ratio of omega-3 fats—high in conjugated linoleic acid—and it's loaded with beta-carotene as well as vitamins A and E. Not to mention that.. . More

Orphan Beef
Woodstock Times (August 2007)
Jessica Applestone is passionate about her beef. She and hubby Josh own Fleisher's, the hip new spot for 'clean' meat in Kingston and Rhinebeck. Former vegetarian turned meat guru, Jessica gives free classes to teach the public how to read labels - not nutrition labels, but marketing labels. 'Free range,' 'organic,' 'pastured,' 'all natural,' and 'hormone free' are claims that she demystifies with her repertoire of facts and politic... More

Meat, politics meet in Rhinebeck
Daily Freeman (June 2007)
Fleisher's is an old-fashioned butcher shop with modern day sensibilities, as it is one of the only butcher shops in the nation to sell pasture-raised and organic meat exclusively... More

Meat of the matter
Hudson Valley Business (Fall 2007)
Some patrons were loyal customers, having visited Fleisher’s in Kingston or its booth at the Rhinebeck farmers’ market last summer. Sydney Ratner, a resident of New York City who maintains a second home in Kingston, was one. Her experience with Fleisher’s explains a lot about its success. “Once you eat this meat, you don’t go back (to supermarket cuts)... More

Local Eats, Finding fresh grass-fed meat at a farm near you.
House Magazine (Issue 47,, 2007)
There are still places where contented cows, woolly sheep, and big, blocky porkers blink their long eyelashes and look out on green hills. There are still livestock farmers that know each animal, do their best to treat each one well in life, and butcher it humanely. .... More

Happy Cows, Goodness Begins with a Blade of Grass
Healing Lifestyles & Spa Magazine (Fall 2007)
If you're going to eat beef, grass-fed is the ideal: it has very little saturated fat (much less than grain-fed) a healthy ratio of omega-3 fats—high in conjugated linoleic acid—and it's loaded with beta-carotene as well as vitamins A and E. Not to mention that.. . More


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