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Situated in Central New York, between Rochester and Syracuse, Teasel Meadow Farms is a small farm specializing in pasture-raised pigs. Focusing on meat quality as well as growth and performance, Teasel Meadow Farms raises purebred Berkshire certified pigs along with Berkshire, Duroc, and Mulefoot crossbred pigs.

The pigs have free-rein to forage in the pasture and dig up roots—much like they would if left to their own devices—while also having access to shelters where the sows can give birth in comfort. In addition to what they forage, the pigs are fed a balanced vegetarian and grain-based diet of Non-GMO feed to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients for optimal growth and health. These mixes are formulated by an ARPAS certified nutritionist to strict standards set by the National Research Council.

Fleishers partners with Teasel Meadow Farms to provide our customers with great pork from happy and healthy pigs. Renowned for their meat quality, the Berkshire Pigs and heritage crosses boast beautiful marbling and a superb, tender and juicy texture which can be seen in our shops. The firm texture, red color, and hard white fat you see on our pork products is a testament to how healthy and happy our pigs are.

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