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Snowdance family farm was established in 2002 when the Jaffe family moved to the Catskill Mountains. They began farming as a way to heal and work together as a family after the events of September 11th.

The chickens from Snowdance Farm are Essex, Sussex, and La Belle Rouge heritage crosses. These heritage breeds have beautiful yellow skin and are wonderfully meaty & flavorful.  The chickens from Snowdance are never given antibiotics. Instead, they are given homeopathic remedies when required, such as garlic water and oregano oil.  

The chickens have an abundance of outdoor space to roam along with well-ventilated housing to rest and escape inclement weather. The chicken houses also have straw bales and wooden boxes for the chickens to hop on and play with for added stimulation. Food and water are also plentiful. The chicken feed is local and conventional, which helps to boost the local economy.

The Snowdance family farm continues to grow and has expanded to include other family farms who share in their values and goal of selling exceptional poultry and meat products. We are proud to partner with a farm so dedicated to the quality of their chickens and their community.

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