Create your very own steak tartare at home with meat raised right. Lean cuts work best – bottom or top round, eye round or sirloin tip. For getting perfectly textured beef tartare check out our former Director of Butchery Education, Bryan Mayer’s two-knife technique in the Esquire video below. Once you’ve prepped the meat Bryan suggests:


“Like oysters, tartare is pretty great as is, needing little more than salt to make it shine. Still, it’s the perfect vehicle for an enhancement or two. You could go all classic and do it up with a single serving, accompanied with the yolk of an egg and the usual suspects mixed into the meat. But as I mentioned above, why not create a tasting dish? Keep the meat unadulterated and offer up mixing bowls of salt, pepper, cornichons, pickled onions, capers, shallot, parsley, relish, anchovies, maybe some shaved cheese? Really, anything you’d like. And for added seasoning, why not try a condiment or two? Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, hot sauce, olive oil and, yes, even ketchup. Why not? You’re going to serve some fries with this, I hope. And all of this should be piled on top of a piece of crusty, slightly toasted baguette. Don’t even think about using a cracker.” Check out the technique in this video: