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Easter and Passover

Spring is here! What will be on your Passover and/or Easter dinner table? Reserve your cuts of our delicious Pine Hill Lamb, smoked and fresh hams, and pasture-raised beef brisket, all locally sourced from small, family-run farms. All are antibiotic and hormone free, humanely raised and ethically slaughtered. We have a limited supply of hams for Easter, as well as a limited supply of beef brisket for Passover. Legs of lamb are always a very popular cut, so they tend to move quickly, too. As always we’re here to recommend lesser known cuts from the same delicious whole animal, such as a lamb shoulder or lamb loin roast. Call us today and let’s talk meat!

To speak with our butchers in:

Brooklyn: 718-398-MOOO ext 1

Kingston: 845-338-MOOO ext 1

You can also reach our holiday customer service line by calling 718-971-5331 ext 1.

This year Passover is April 3rd and Easter Sunday is April 5th. Call or stop in while the meaty supplies last!