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Customer Testimonials

After Cathy and I spent last evening exclaiming over your spectacular ribeye, we knew the bacon was going to be wonderful this morning - and we were right. No surprise - and we wanted to thank you again for the delicious selection.
- Steve O’Brien, WCBS-FM Radio

I care about what I put into the mouths of my family which is why I only feed them meat bought at Fleisher’s. Not only is it so much healthier for us, and the environment, it tastes so much better than store bought meats that are loaded with hormones and chemical laden feed. Thank you for keeping us pure! Your meat is the best!
- Abby Mezrow

We drove up to Kingston from Queens last Friday to visit your store, and it was well worth the trip! WE enjoyed the BEST porterhouse steaks we’ve ever tasted….including some from what are considered to be fine steakhouses in Manhattan. Thank you for supplying such wonderful meats, and we are very much looking forward to the Filet Mignon and Lamb Loin Chops we purchased as well!!
- Carol Colbert

I made the best pulled pork from one of their pork butts a while back. Better than anything I’ve ever tried even down South in the BBQ joints. And I’m not THAT good a cook.
- Jim Willis

Just had a delicious bowl of Mom’s homemade Okra and Tomato Vegetable Soup with Oxtail. Have not had OTVSO in so long because of difficulty finding quality oxtail. Fleisher’s was meaty and flavorful. Now I’m a convert to Grass-Fed meats.
- Pamela Murray

Reminds me of how the butcher shop was when my mother shopped in the 50’s… only they are much better cooks and the meat is ethically prepared.
- Lois Hutchins Heitner

Simply the best, every which way <3
- Kerry Flood Cubas

To All Involved - Thanks! Received my first order yesterday and had an incredible meal that evening. My wife Lena, a artist and cook, most enjoyed it as it was a pleasure to cook with and as mentioned before, had excellent flavor as well as texture. Thanks Again for a Most Pleasurable Entree
- Chris Conover

Best butchers, best meats best place to purchase my meat to insure I’m upholding my quest for green sustainable ethical lifestyle. and they ROCK.
- Elissa Jane Mastel

I was a devoted vegetarian for more than 15 years until I walked into Fleisher’s. My life has changed for the better!
- felixwheelix

We just wanted to sing the praises of the divine prime rib roast we picked up for Mothers Day dinner… HEAVENLY! The only tragedy was that there were no leftovers to take home:0(
- Claudia Chance Nicosia

My fiance and I just had our first piece of meat from Fleisher’s and it was divine…we will be back
- Kristen Geiser

We were in DC this week and went out for a nice steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Had an $86.00 porterhouse for two….and it didn’t beat your meat! Looking forward to seeing you guys Thursday and stocking up on the good stuff!
- Jessica Cruz Francese

KIngston NY is happening this year, totally, up and over the top. Fleisher’s is a part of this city’s success. Local, talented, professional, competent, engaged…. Always nice to drop in, see what’s cooking or could be
- gberke

A butcher your grandmother would adore. No not your grandmother with a freezer full of frozen food. Your other grandmother who is a wonderful cook!
- Regina Connors

Fleisher’s has always treated us like family.
- William Stein

My life is better because of Fleisher’s!
- Caitlin Kaposhilin

True game-changers
- Anthony Kinik

You guys really are the best. My family and I drive an hour every weekend to buy from you. We will not eat anything else now!
- Jennifer Karl

Great place great people
- Agnes Devereux

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