Butcher Training Program

Our butchery training program offers a full immersion opportunity.   In fact, this is as much one-on-one education as a working butcher shop will allow. You get hands on lesson time with our dedicated teacher, Shiloh Partin, and then you use that knowledge to help cut (working with our other employees who are also always happy to guide you)  meat for our wholesale business and retail cuts for our cases. This gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge you have learned immediately within a fast-paced, supportive environment. You “practice” on lamb, pork and beef that we have procured for our retail stores and our clients, and by the time you are finished with the full 12 week program you will be able to cut down whole animals into larger quarters and more case-ready/restaurant-ready portions. We will never allow anyone to “graduate” from our program who does not feel confident in their skills. If it takes a bit longer or you need more hands-on direction, that will be provided for until you can confidently call yourself a butcher. This program is all about you, and no more than 2 new students are ever working through the program at one time.  All of our focus will be on you learning what you need to know to feel secure and in control of your craft. When you graduate from the program we guarantee that you will be able to butcher a lamb, a pig and a steer.

One-on-One Real Business Learning

Since you are training in a working butcher shop and not a restricted or limited classroom atmosphere you will learn every aspect of the things that we do within the time period that you will be training with us. That means you will not only learn how to carve but also how to create case-ready cuts, how to set up a butcher case, how to brine and cure meats, how to cook cold cuts, make stocks and demi-glaces and how to make sausages. We expect our students to be able to create their own sausages by the time they leave the program and all the necessary ingredients for you to do so will be provided to you. We may even  feature your homemade sausages in our case when you create them, and your creation will be attributed to you like a very popular sausage we carried named a Mattwurst which was created by Matt, a friend who trained with us.

Schedule & Entrance Requirements

All of our classes take place in our Kingston production and retail facility in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  Our shop is open 5 days a week (3 for retail and 2 for wholesale) and you are expected to work all five of those days (Monday - Friday). We put in full 10-hour days that are comprised of many different aspects of the business so that what you learn is constantly in use, but under many different permutations. We expect our students to work just as hard as our employees and perform most of the same tasks as well; which will give you the feel of how a butcher shop is run and how our days are structured. This enables you to see all aspects of the operation and learn the “business end” of butchery as well.  Fleisher’s Butcher Training Program offers a one of a kind opportunity, uniquely different from most meat programs in nearly every way. Entrance to the program is very competitive, so if you truly feel drawn to the nearly lost art of whole animal butchery, please contact us for more information.  The cost for this invaluable opportunity is $15,000, which includes everything but housing.

Materials and Supplies

As part of the training we provide everything you need and will give you knives and safety gear (all of our butchers wear armor). We provide access to recipes, cookbooks and texts for research and information and all the equipment and ingredients to make those recipes work. We always suggest reading Michael PollanJoel Salatinthe River Cottage cookbooksthe Niman Ranch cookbook , and of course our book, all of which will certainly give you a taste of our philosophy.

Additional Butcher Training Course Options

In addition to our 12 week immersion program, we offer two other incredible opportunities.

For Chefs Only:

If you’re currently employed by a restaurant and want to improve upon your butchery skills or open your restaurant up to a whole animal program, we offer a two different protein specific immersions - each lasting 4 weeks.  Each program is Monday - Friday, potentially giving tri-state chefs the opportunity to be back in their kitchens on the weekends.  You can opt for 4 weeks of beef, or 4 weeks of lamb & pork (combined).  Please contact us for costs and start dates.

Butchery 101:

For those fascinated by the craft but not quite ready to change your life, we offer the 3 Day, Butchery 101 class.  For more information about our next Butchery 101 3-day course, click here.


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