What Makes Our Meat Different

Fleisher’s is an old-fashioned butcher shop that carries ONLY pastured meats from animals raised on small, local, sustainable farms. These animals have never been given antibiotics or hormones and have a strictly vegetarian diet. By working in partnership with local farmers we guarantee our rigorous standards are always carefully maintained. This obsession with animal care and quality shine through in the FLAVOR of Fleisher’s meat. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The quality of our meat starts with the quality of our farms:

  • Our farms are local. They are located within 50 miles of our Kingston shop.
  • Our farmers NEVER feed their animals antibiotics, growth hormones or animal-by-products; animals are raised on a strictly vegetarian diet.
  •  Our steer and lamb are pasture-raised/grain supplemented throughout the year. In season (Late summer through early winter) we also carry 100% grass-fed beef.
  • Our farmers feed their animals non-gmo grain grown on the farm or purchased from a local farm co-op.
  • Our animals graze on grass that is NEVER treated with pesticides or herbicides.

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