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Pastured Beef

Fleisher’s beef comes from steer raised on the open pastures of small family-owned New York farms. These animals have never been given antibiotics or growth hormones. The grains they are fed to supplement their diet are GMO-free and are never sprayed with pesticides. To better serve our customers’ needs we also sell 100% grass-fed beef when in season between the months of September and December.

Our pastured beef is abundantly marbled ensuring a tender texture and a deep, rich flavor. Periodically throughout the year we also carry fully-pastured, humanely-raised milk-fed veal, also referred to as rose veal.

Please note that we do not carry all cuts of beef all the time so it is best to place an order in advance, call or contact us to be sure we have the cuts you want. Prices are subject to change so please call the store if you have any pricing questions.

Cut of BeefFinishPrice per lb.Recipes
Dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye SteakGrain Finished$22.99
Dry-aged Boneless Ribeye SteakGrain Finished$26.99
Dry-aged Bone-in NY Strip SteakGrain Finished$24.99
Dry-aged Boneless NY Strip Steak Grain Finished$28.99
Dry-aged Porterhouse SteakGrain Finished$29.99
Dry-aged Top Sirloin SteakGrain Finished$18.99
Beef TenderloinGrain Finished$39.99
Hanger Steak - call for availabilityGrain Finished$16.99
Faux Hanger - call for availabilityGrain Finished$12.99
Bottom Round RoastGrain Finished$8.99
Eye Round RoastGrain Finished$9.99
Faux Filet - call for availabilityGrain Finished$16.99
Top Round London BroilGrain Finished$9.99
Shabu ShabuGrain Finished$14.99
Flank Steak - call for availabilityGrain Finished$13.99
Skirt Steak - call for availabilityGrain Finished$13.99
Stir Fry BeefGrain Finished$9.99Get recipe
Boneless Chuck Eye RollGrain Finished$8.99
Flat Iron SteakGrain Finished$9.99
Chicken SteakGrain Finished$8.99
BrisketGrain Finished$8.99
Stew BeefGrain Finished$8.99
Lean Stew BeefGrain Finished$9.99
Short RibsGrain Finished$7.99Get recipe
Beef FlankenGrain Finished$7.99Get recipe
Beef OxtailsGrain Finished$8.99Get recipe
Cross Cut Beef ShanksGrain Finished$5.99Get recipe
Ground BeefGrain Finished$6.49
Ground Beef and BaconGrain Finished$8.99
Marrow BonesGrain Finished$5.99
Knuckle and Neck BonesGrain Finished$3.50

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