Is it Raised Locally?

Fleisher’s mission is to connect consumers with local, sustainable farms that raise their animals according to our strict standards. We only work with farms and slaughterhouses that are family run and located within 50 miles of our shop in Kingston, New York. This is the key to bringing you the freshest, best tasting meat possible.

Our commitment supports local farmers and minimizes environmental impact. Industrial farming requires transportation, processing, packaging and fossil fuel usage that puts tremendous stress on the environment. For example, between production and transportation, growing 10% more produce for local consumption in Iowa would result in an annual savings ranging from 280,000 to 346,000 gallons of fuel, and an annual reduction in CO2 emissions ranging from 6.7 to 7.9 million pounds.

Your choice to purchase locally grown meat is an incredibly positive environmental decision. We’re here to support you in that decision.

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