From the open pastures of carefully selected grasses to the precision of our cuts to the creativity of our recipes – our passion for quality informs every detail.

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There’s a reason that emerging butchers, chefs and eaters turn to Fleishers for training and guidance. We pioneered craft butchery and remain the nation’s leader when it comes to updating old-world methods with modern-day ideals.

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We believe in knowing where our food comes from so we can enjoy it with confidence and share first-hand knowledge with our customers. Our family-owned farm partners and world-class standards help ensure transparency at every step.

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We choose to do things the right way. Every time. No exceptions. We believe that this approach produces the best quality meat in the world, and because it’s the right thing to do for the animals, our health, our farmers and the land we share. Our values-driven approach promotes sustainable farming practices, humane treatment of animals, fair trade, and local living economies.

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Our people make this vision a reality. We’re honored to work with farmers, suppliers and colleagues who share our values. It’s a privilege to share this journey with them and with you.

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